Project Suspension

Project Suspension

Having taken expert advice and in line with current recommendations it has been decided to suspend all roadHoG activities for the foreseeable future, starting with our visit today on the Woad Farm Estate (16/3/2020).

We are loathe to do this, but the confined space aboard the roadHoG Bus presents the perfect place for the Coronavirus to spread between the young people who attend and between the young people and our team members.

We believe that as a responsible Christian organisation, we have no other sensible option, but suspension of all roadHoG activities does mean that we need your prayers for the young people we work with more than ever before.

Please pray that:
• The young people will remember all that they have heard and learned about God, His love for them and that of His Son Jesus Christ.
• That we will be able to keep in contact with them through this period by the website and through Facebook.
• That the young people will return to the bus as soon as we are able to get the bus back on the road and out to the Stops – and pray that that will be very soon.
• The Teams will be kept safe and built up in their faith and will be ready and willing to return just as soon as possible.

We have not come to this decision easily, but though much prayer and soul searching, but satan has NOT won – by God’s good grace we will be back!

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