Summer Shutdown 2019

Summer Shutdown 2019

This year, we will again shutdown for the whole of August. Our experience has shown us that when young people are out of the routine they tend to miss roadHoG. So to save our limited resources and give our volunteers a rest, we use this month to prepare our 30 year old vehicle for its MOT. Last year, we used this time to replace our screen technology, with our gratitude to the All Churches Trust who provided us a grant to do this. Lots of work is planned for this coming summer, and lets hope that this all goes smoothly. The days for the shutdown are below:

Last visit and return dates:

Woad Farm Visit – last visit on 22nd July and return on 2nd September 2019

Fishtoft Visit – Last visit on 24th July and return on 4th September 2019

Kirton Visit – Last visit on 28th July and return on 8th September 2019

Sibsey Visit – Last visit on 14th July and return on 8th September 2019

Butterwick Visit – Last visit on 15th July and return on 9th September 2019

Tunnard Street  Visit – Last visit on 31st July and return on 11th September 2019


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