Don’t get me wrong here, especially as us Hogs aren’t best known for our common sense – especially on roads – but what is the most important thing to get a bus started? OK, clever clogs, a driver, but how does a driver get the bus going? OK, another clever clogs, an engine, but how does an engine get the bus going? A KEY!!

YES and the KEY to the bus getting on the road and keeping it on the road  is PRAYER! Don’t worry, mechanically, the bus won’t be held together by prayer! Some Hogs say that things happen anyway and nothing can change what happens! But prayer is the place where we have the room to ask God’s movement and intervention on what is going on and it does make a difference, as well a place for building our relationship with God. Often the answer to pray doesn’t come in the way we hoped, but this where TRUST helps. The outcome might be different to our hopes, but we can TRUST God enough to know that God’s way is better than ours.

This is why PRAYER has been so KEY in getting this project on the road. Yes, it has taken 12 years to get this far, but through this time we have got our foundations sorted, which will make us stronger as a project. Yes, the funding didn’t go as planned, but we didn’t plan for such a huge response from local people donating to the project. So although things may turn out differently to what we hope for, always God has something BETTER planned.3 - Hoggie

So I would like to ask you to pray, not just for our project, but especially for the young people we will be meeting through the project. If you would some fuel for prayer, then simply download or subscribe to our monthly news letter.

The bus has a small prayer room on board, our visitors know it as a “Quiet Room”. You would think that a 10 litre Gardner engine would be the most powerful thing on the bus, wouldn’t you? But the most powerful engine on the roadHoG Bus is our prayer room. A place where young people can be listened to and if wanting so, prayed for, whatever the difficulty they face.

We pray believing that God wants what’s best for God’s young people and that He knows what’s best for God’s young people.

So join with us as this bus project builds up speed.

Hoggie xxxx