Up-date on roadHoG

Up-date on roadHoG

Just to keep young people and supporters up-to-date with our progress as time passes by. June was fully booked for our schools work, but sadly, these have all been cancelled. At a time when, young people could do with a safe place to be, again sadly, our community visits remained postponed.

Social Distancing presents the project a real challenge, especially as the bus is just over 2 meteres wide! Our project is about creating a safe place for young people and our bus teams and how can we do this?

We are pleased to report the roadHoG Management Group will be meeting again (Via Zoom) on Tuesday 9th June with the remit to pray together and explore ways how this youth project can continue to be the House of God on the road in a safe way. We will look forward to keeping you up-to date with any progress and would ask if you can pray for wisdom for this group and for the young people the project supports.

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