Covid-19 Update

Updated – 08/2/21 – 5 weeks into the lockdown and the possibilities of schools returning sometime after the 8th March means that our community and school visits remain off the road and that our contact with you will continue through our online prayer room, our Newsletters and the online “Distance Dilemma” activities. We call it “Distance Dilemmas” because, although we don’t like the distance the virus causes, we understand that as a community we need to play our part in protecting the most vulnerable, and at risk until the new vaccines kick in.

WE WILL BE BACK SOON. As soon as the vaccine kicks in, the brighter weather comes when we can get outside and when it is safe, we can’t wait to get back on the road. We will keep you posted, but we really hope to open and meet young people to provide them with a dry place to serve a hot drink, some socially distanced games, a listening ear and take-away sheets. It has been good to see young people make use of our prayer room and have a try winning a roadHoG Goody Bag. Keep them coming. As soon as we can, and in consultation with the Lincolnshire Police, we will be back to visit in 8 different communities.

Our schools work has been hit very hard by the Covid-19 restrictions. However, we remain very positive as the vaccinations are distributed, in time, our need to distance will reduce. Social Distancing is the greatest challenge to the bus opening. We are very thankful to the Slavanka Trust who have provided us with a grant to sustain our schools work and stay in contact with local schools. This grant has enabled us to start booking dates from February to July with primary and secondary schools. Currently 50% of our available dates are booked. We will in close contact with schools as to whether these bookings go ahead.

To view our activities during lock down, and as we work through the pandemic, use the “Distance Dilemmas” link: