Did anyone turn up to the annual roadHoG BBQ?

Did anyone turn up to the annual roadHoG BBQ?

Saturday 11th September 2021 was a day to remember as the roadHoG Bus Youth Project opened its doors for its annual BBQ at Fishtoft Pavilion. 

It was good to see parents, young people, local Police teams, different bus team members and local church leaders get together to have barbecue and celebrate all that is good in life. After a difficult and uncertain 18 months, for young people in particular, we are just so happy to be still on the road and still holding onto the vision of the House of God on the road.

Giving young people not only the opportunity to find a safer place on the streets, but to experience what it is like to be in a church even if it is on the road. It is our firm belief that where the people of Jesus are – this is authentic church.

We were particularly pleased to see the different community police officers and PCSO’s. We have very much appreciated the support of our local police for popping in from time to time when we are out and also advising us when to open after the series of covid lockdowns.

Our thanks to Kev, Caz, Sandra and John for providing us with yummy burgers and drinks and also to the other Kev for driving the bus (Hoggie) to the venue. Let’s hope we see many more to come……