Distance Dilemmas – let the roadHoG fun continue…..:-)

Sadly, we remain off the road again due to now tier 4 Covid restrictions, but we still want to keep the roadHoG fun going. Feel free to use any of these resources to keep the fun going.

the roadhog team

roadHoG Second lockdown Goody Bag sheets – from November 2020: 

roadHoG visit “Take Away” sheets from July – October 2020:

If you are new to looking at our activity sheets and family quizzes, then you can see more older activities that have been produced on-line to keep the roadHoG fun going during the COVID-19 crisis lock-down when the bus was off the road from April to July.

Distance Dilemma Activity Sheets from March – June 2020:

Distance Dilemma Family Quizzes:

Distance Distance Dilemmas Assemblies: