Covid-19 Update

Updated – 13/9/2021 – the bus is opening up little by little, making the most of the warmer weather and natural ventilation. Schools work will operate now on the upper deck only and community visits will restart on the lower deck subject to the availability of enough bus team members.

Despite the lifting of most Covid regulations on the 19th July, the roadHoG bus continues to work with young people outside of the vehicle. This is due to increasing national infection rates of the Delta variant, the confidence of adult team members and having enough team members to support a fully opened bus. Our review on the 4th August gave each community visit, run by local churches, the opportunity to implement a phased return depending on the above factors. We so want to welcome young people on-board the vehicle, but take very serious the risk of meeting young people in a small environment, like a double decker bus, and as we prepare to go into the colder weather later in the year.

We are pleased to report we have 2 schools bookings for the next academic year 2021-22.

Our schools work has been hit very hard by the Covid-19 restrictions. We remain, however, very positive as the vaccinations are distributed (especially now to 16 – 18 year olds), and in time, our need to distance from each other will reduce. Social Distancing is the greatest challenge to the bus opening. We are very thankful to the Slavanka Trust who have provided us with a grant to sustain our schools work and stay in contact with local schools. This grant enabled us to book dates with schools.

During the three Covid lock downs, we produced online activities and support for young people. Click on our “Distance Dilemmas” link to see them: