Covid-19 Update

Updated – 9/1/22 – despite the new Omicron variant – the bus is now fully open on most of the community visits (some are still working outside and the lower deck only). Our schools work is back up and running now on the upper deck only with lots of fresh air!

Face masks must now be worn by team members. We encourage young people to wear masks, but this remains not mandatory, but we do have free masks available for any visitors. However, we would ask all visitors to sanitise their hands upon entry and we continue to allow as much ventilation into the bus, even as the evenings get colder.

As we have been working throughout the lockdowns with parents – as well as young people – we still want to provide a welcome for all, but would now need to sign all adult visitors in and provide them a yellow lanyard to meet our safeguarding policy.

The project is specifically for all year 6, and up, young people, but we have been working with younger children during the lockdowns. Although we want to continue our support and access to our project for them, we do also want to encourage younger children to enjoy the anticipation of reaching year 6 and coming on the bus then. Especially, now that activities in our community are opening up.

We remain very thankful to the Slavanka Trust who have provided us with a second grant to sustain our schools work and stay in contact with local schools during 2022. This grant enabled us to maintain our contact with local schools.

During the three Covid lock downs, we produced online activities and support for young people. Click on our “Distance Dilemmas” link to see them: