Covid-19 Update

Updated – 19/04/21 – We are pleased to update you that the bus will be back on the road, meeting young people outside, from Monday 17th May. Please put word around for us that we will be on the road again. The bus will be out from the 3rd May advertising our return. Please still feel free to use our online services through our prayer room, our additional support and activities. It saddens us that we can not open the bus to young people until the social distancing regulations ease. The roadmap suggests this could be the 21st June. If this is the case then we will be allowed to let young people on the bus during our community and school visits.

Our schools work has been hit very hard by the Covid-19 restrictions. However, we remain very positive as the vaccinations are distributed, in time, our need to distance will reduce. Social Distancing is the greatest challenge to the bus opening. We are very thankful to the Slavanka Trust who have provided us with a grant to sustain our schools work and stay in contact with local schools. This grant has enabled us to start booking dates from February to July with primary and secondary schools. Currently 50% of our available dates are booked. We have, however, had to cancel many of these bookings as we patiently wait for social distancing regulations to ease.

To view our activities during the three Covid lock downs, click on our “Distance Dilemmas” link: