roadHoG is open and out and about!

 You are welcome to come and join us for a hot chocolate!
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Just a thought….this visit’s take home flyer

Welcome to the roadHoG (south) website

Welcome to the official website of roadHoG (South) the first ever mobile youth church in the south of Lincolnshire. Come and have a look at what the “Big Purple Bus” is all about.

Here’s what young people said about roadHoG….

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our visitors think…


I like visiting the roadHoG bus because I feel safe here and I really like coming with friends and doing crafts. It is a stunning place. I can express myself and the staff are spectacular.




I like that they are always happy




It is a great way to respect God and has many fun activities to entertainkids. It makes the village more fun


Because it stops me getting into trouble.




I like the people and the hot chocolate and EVERYTHING




Because you learn about God

Keeping you in the loop…..

Latest news from the roadHoG team

You can always find out what is happening (and what needs prayer for) from our news feed……

Find out when roadHoG will be starting up in 2022

Please find the list of start up dates for roadHoG in the new year:  

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Community visits – back to a kind of normal….find out why.

We are pleased to let you know that each community visit is back to its own evening rather than sharing the evening with another community to resource the bus as[…]

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Find out where the new stops for roadHoG are!

There is a lot going on in the life of the roadHoG Bus Youth Project at the moment as we venture forward with Covid roaming around. We have had such[…]

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