The House of God on the road.

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Welcome to the roadHoG website

Welcome to the official website of roadHoG the first ever mobile youth church in the south of Lincolnshire. So here’s the place where you can have a look at what the “Big Purple Bus” is all about.



Here’s what young people said about roadHoG….

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our visitors think…

       It is a fun place to go and have a good time!         

Woad Farm, Boston

         I like visiting the roadHoG bus because I feel safe and the hot chocolate is the best!       

Fenside, Boston

         It is amazing and wacky!       

Butterwick Village

          I think it’s really fun and there is lots of games.     

Fenside, Boston

        I respect it and really enjoy everyone!       

Woad Farm, Boston

        I like visiting the roadHoG bus because it’s nice to know how kind people can be.         

Butterwick village

Keeping you in the loop…..

Latest news from the roadHoG team

You can always find out what is happening (and what needs prayer for) from our news feed……

November’s latest news from roadHoG

November’s latest news – You would think going into the darker, colder evenings, the project would be quiet – find out if this is happening in this month’s newsletter (edition[…]

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Fulney Skate Park visit – how did it go? Find out more…..

It has been a very busy time in the life of the project. Visits to Fulney Skate Park, a Celebration Day at Boston Baptist Church, Celebrate Surfleet, community and school[…]

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Beach in the Central Park

Find out how the ‘Beach in the park’……

Although, roadHoG was not visiting during the summer holiday to give our volunteers a rest, the bus was parked in the ‘Beach in the Park’ event in August. Find out[…]

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