In Our Online Prayer Room

Welcome to the roadHoG bus online prayer room.

Feeling the strain of uncertainty, living constantly t home becoming unbearable, worried about your future

When the bus is out and about, this room is always present with two members of our bus team and the door is always open for young people to use should they wish. Please click HERE for a further introduction to our prayer room.

At times, life is not easy and the challenges can become unbearable, but we are here to pray for you whatever your need.

Our prayer room is open when the bus is out and about. But the great thing about having a website is our teams can still pray for you at a distance & we believe in the power of prayer.

We would love to pray for you, no matter how BIG or small the challenge you face.

We can be praying for you within 15 minutes of you sending in a prayer request.

By completing the below prayer request form, you are giving us your consent to pray for you and, although your prayer request will be dealt with in the strictest of confidence, to pass on any information if you tell us you are in any danger of harm and abuse, so we can get you the right help:


Your request will be forwarded immediately to our prayer team of 12 people from local churches who usually host the bus when it is out. Your request (and not your email address) will be used for the purposes of prayer only and will then be deleted. It will not be passed on to anyone else.