Supporting you online

Supporting you online: We aim to create a safer place on the streets for you to meet friends, but also for you to feel supported and listened to by members of our bus teams.

Maybe you have had a chat with a member of our teams and would like additional information about an issue affecting you, if so then please feel free to use some of the below links, giving you the resources to help you. We always leave an invitation to pray for you and your situation because we believe God loves you and cares for you. If you would like members of our bus teams to pray for you, simply enter our online prayer room. When the bus opens fully our prayer room on the top deck is always open.

Our additional online support list is not the final word, there are many other, more appropriate sites offering you self-help and assistance, but you may find these of help. We have. Please remember, it always remains your choice as to where you find support from.

SubjectUseful WebsiteroadHoG Team thought
Losing someone you here
Unsafe at here
Step family here
Pressure of exams here
Using social media too here
Gaming too here
Being here here
Porn becoming a problemgoforgreatness.orgClick here
Addiction to here
Anxietythe here

If you would like the project to provide you some additional thoughts for other issues that are affecting you, simply complete the below suggestion form and send. You can send it confidentially, however, if you want us to get back to your personally, please leave your name and an email address. Please see our privacy notice.