Safeguarding on roadHoG – how we do it

Lincolnshire Youth Mission Ltd (LYM) values young people and children and wishes to see them grow, mature and be challenged in a healthy and safe environment.

Safeguarding young people, children and vulnerable adults involved with the roadHoG Bus Youth Project is the responsibility of LYM. It is also the responsibility of those from local churches who represent LYM in the life of this project. Everyone who participates in the life of the Church has a role to play in promoting a Safer Church for all.

The link below is the LYM document policy which sets out the safeguarding of children, young people and vulnerable adult’s. This policy applies to all local church bus teams, schools teams and management group. Full understanding and adhering to this policy should lead to a deepening in the understanding for the rights of all as people of faith in the life of the Christian Church of which this project is represented many denominations.

A specialist national helpline (Tel 0800 80 20 20) has been set up to operate independently of the church. The helpline is operated by the NSPCC . Anyone can use the helpline to provide information or to raise concerns regarding abuse within an inter-denominational context like roadHoG; whether they are reporting issues relating to children, adults or seeking to whistle blow about poor safeguarding practice.