The building of the new roadHoG

Thank you for showing your interest in the building of the new bus. We have had quite a journey since March 2022, when local churches were compelled to continue investing in young people’s lives by searching for a replacement bus. We now have the pleasure of showing you the latest pictures of the building of our replacement bus.

We have secured our funding to purchase the new bus and pay for its conversion. We now wait patiently for the 16 week coachbuild to be completed. Although work started at the very end of August, full production started in mid-September. Providing there aren’t too many set-backs, we are hoping this will be completed in early 2024. Although we are behind schedule from our original plan, we are just so amazed at how God provided when we had a such a huge funding gap after the quotes came in. In consultation with 250 young people and the bus volunteers, we hope to transform the outside of the bus to something like this: 

The following pictures show progress at the end of week ten. All of the ‘making good’ is completed and work is currently focussing on the upper deck. From these images you can see the new shape of the upper deck:

Images at the end of week 8

Images at the end of week 6

Images at the end of week 4

Images at the end of week 2.

roadHoG conversion week 2

We look forward to updating these pictures as the work is completed and photos are sent in. Watch this space.

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