The building of the new roadHoG

Thank you for showing your interest in the building of the new bus. The new roadHoG Bus is now completed. It looks incredible and our coachbuilders in Blackpool have done a fantastic job. We now have the pleasure of showing you pictures of the building of our replacement bus.

What the bus looked like
What the bus looked likeArtists impression of the new roadHoG Bus

While we initially decided not to share completed images online, we did however want to be considerate to our dedicated supporters :-)! Below is a sneak peek of the exterior of the bus. We are sure you will agree with us the Blackpool Design Coachbuilders have done an incredible job!

The bus has had its final inspection and was delivered to the yard just before Easter. The new bus is now serviced, has an MOT, but we await the new tax classification. The Bus teams will be trained for two weeks starting the 29th April (please note there will be no community visits during this time). Stay tuned for more details in our newsletters.

Week 22 of the roadHoG Bus conversion
Images at the end of week 14
Our second visit to the coach builders.

We look forward to updating these pictures as the work is completed and photos are sent in. Watch this space.

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