What is roadHoG?

What is roadHoG? roadHoG is the first ever mobile youth church in South Lincolnshire. The Christian faith has a lot to say to young people who find themselves on the streets for whatever reason.

The purpose of the roadHoG is to share the love of God, expressed in Jesus Christ, through:

  • Being alongside young people who come on-board.

  • Inspiring young people to aim higher using education.

  • Creating community by bridging the gap between young people and the local church and community.

  • Creating a safer place on our streets.

The roadHoG Bus Youth Project is owned by Lincolnshire based charity Lincolnshire Youth Mission Ltd and works in partnership with 10 local churches, including: Local churches from the Methodist church, the Anglican church (Including the Coastal Cluster, St Guthlac’s Church and Holy Trinity Church) and Boston Baptist Church,  All of our partner churches host the bus when it is out and about.

Like any house or home, the project tries to create a positive environment where young people can step inside and be accepted. The bus provides lots of activities from consoles to board games, from quizzes to crafts, from hot drinks to tuck shop and from our prayer room to praying the “Grace”. Through these activities, a community of the warmth, compassion and love – demonstrated in the life of Jesus Christ – is forged.

If you ever see the bus, please come and say “Hi” to us or bib your horn!