Can roadHoG visit my community

Can roadHoG visit my community?

One advantage of the roadHoG Bus is flexibility.

This means a fully resourced mobile youth centre can be available to visit the young people in your village or town area, every fortnight.
The roadHoG bus will only visit villages or town areas where a local church has invited it to come.
If you are a roadHoG partner church, a local church or a local organisation and would like to explore the possibility of the bus visiting your community in the evening, you will need to do three things:
  • Discuss with your local church council about roadHoG supporting your community. Discussing how the project can support your church’s pastoral support and outreach to young people.
  • Find a minimum of 9 volunteers, for a full bus operation.
  • Contact the LYM Director for the roadHoG Local Management Group or complete the below visit proforma and send to us:

Some organisations request the bus to visit their open day or show. This usually does not fall within the remit of the project, however, if you feel young people will benefit from the bus being there, still complete the above proforma and post it to us. The local management team will look at each application case by case.

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