Have a look around the bus


Have a look around the bus: The stairwell mural has a strong message of hope for young people. The idea behind the mural, designed by Charlotte Doddrell is that as young people walk upstairs they will read about some of God’s attitude towards them, found in the Bible – they are all positive and life giving.

The EntranceRoadhog entrance 1

The entrance has some casual seating for users of the roadHoG cafe. There is also information available for young people relating to life issues relating to teenagers.

You will find a warm welcome from the bus staff when a young person steps on board. Especially when it is dark in the evening, it’s raining outside and you’ve no where to go…. the warmth of the bus, the smell of hot chocolate will draw you in.

Roadhog lounge 3

The Chillout Lounge

The chillout lounge provides visitors with the comfort of a warm, cosey place to meet friends. A place to chill, drink hot chocolate, talk, play table games, games consoles, music vids and quizzes on the screen. The lounge has access for wheel chair users and there is a special place for wheel chair users on board, so that visitors do not feel ‘in the way’, but part of the proceedings.

The Upstairs LoungeRoadhog upstairs lounge 3

The upstairs lounge has comfy sofa benching with screens for our onboard Switch! The upstairs has two further facilities; a prayer room and some craft activities. The prayer room is manned by two of the buses staff. They will be praying for every young person who comes on board the roadHoG Bus, but also make themselves available to pray with young people should they wish. Anything can be prayed for from goldfish to crisis’.

The best way of touring the bus is to come onboard yourself and we look forward to welcoming young people onto the roadHoG bus.

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