Our dream bus teams

Our dream bus teams work on nine different bus teams. We have about 67 people.  Each member of the bus team has to complete two sessions of training and provide documentation that meets with the LYM safeguarding policy. We insist on refresher training every three years:

” I frequently don’t want to go especially if its cold, raining  and blowing a gale.  But I always go because I know that at the end of the evening I will feel better for having gone.  I think it is fair to say that we can benefit/learn  by talking to the young people as much as they can benefit from us.   It is rewarding to see how they all have  grown up and bonded with one another as the years have gone by. I’m  looking forward to the return to hear all their stories of how they have coped with the lockdown and hopefully what part God played in their coping strategies.  Hopefully all this community spirit will continue and we will have lots of new faces to welcome.  I’m also looking forward to the socialising that the team do off the bus, sometimes with meaningful discussion, sometimes just fun.” – Ann – roadHoG Bus Team member  

The bus teams are as follow

Route 704: A Team of volunteers working from St Guthlac’s Church host the bus every other Wednesday in the car park of the Fishtoft Playing field. This visit started in 2010
Route 705: Currently a team of volunteers working from Kirton Methodist Church to host the bus at Kirton Town Hall Car Park on alternative Sunday afternoons. This visit started in 2010
Route 706: We have a team of volunteers from Holy Trinity Church host the bus when it parks at the Queen of Spades Car Park, on Wellington Road, Boston every other Monday. The bus started visiting in October 2010
Route 708: We have a team of volunteers from St Margaret’s and St Botolph’s Church who host the bus in Sibsey. The bus visits Sibsey Primary School Playground alternate Sunday evenings. This visit started in 2011.
Route 709: We have a team of volunteers from St Andrew’s Church in Butterwick and the Coastal Cluster of Anglican Churches who host the bus when it parks on the village hall car park on Tuesday, next to the church. The bus has visited since February 2014
Route 710: We have a team of volunteers from the Boston Centre Churches who host the bus when it parks on the council’s Tunnard Street Car Park (on the Norfolk Street end). The bus started its visits in 2014 when it parks up every other Monday.
Route 711: Starting in 2019, the Boston Baptist Church team host the bus when it parks in the Boston Baptist Church Car Park (next to the Robin Hood Inn on the Old High Street, Boston). The Baptist Church are not new to roadHoG because they hosted the bus on route 702 when it was at the Range Car Park and then a tWyberton.
Route 712: Starting in 2020, are from churches in Swineshead. The bus parks up on the lay-by outside St Mary’s Primary School and opens up the doors for young people in Swineshead on a Thursday evening.
Route 713: Our last visit, starting in 2021, are from St Botolph’s Church in Boston. The bus parks up on the front drive of the community centre on the Fenside Estate on alternate Wednesdays.

Each team, enjoy every time they go out. You will find our bus teams warm and welcoming and doing their best to serve their community and the young people. They are not paid to work on the bus, out of their love for God, they give their time up for young people in the Boston town and surrounding villages.