About Us

The roadHoG Bus Youth Project is about taking the, what people know as, ‘church’ out onto the roads and meeting young people where they are. You see church is not just a building, it’s more than that, it’s about people. And:

people = community

‘Church’ is a community where God’s love makes it a unique place. The roadHoG bus will be a place where young people will be welcomed, whatever their beliefs, non-beliefs or background.

The roadHoG Bus is a double decker bus especially converted into a mobile youth centre. It has a cafe, chill out area with games and playstations downstairs, whilst the upstairs lounge and class room is fitted with screens, a Wii and a prayer room.

This section will give you an insight into when, who, how and why we do this. We always like to leave the door open to comments or questions. Please feel free to use the below form to ask us any questions: (Please refer to our privacy notice within this section if you would like to know how your data is used).