Author: Hoggie

Find out when roadHoG will be starting up in 2022

Please find the list of start up dates for roadHoG in the new year:  

Community visits – back to a kind of normal….find out why.

We are pleased to let you know that each community visit is back to its own evening rather than sharing the evening with another community to resource the bus as we came out of the Covid restrictions and lock-downs. All new dates and times can be found on our ‘Bus timetable’ page (which is linked…
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Find out where the new stops for roadHoG are!

There is a lot going on in the life of the roadHoG Bus Youth Project at the moment as we venture forward with Covid roaming around. We have had such a good response from churches, communities and schools and our newsletter updates you on some of the recent progress made. Click the link to read…
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Did anyone turn up to the annual roadHoG BBQ?

Saturday 11th September 2021 was a day to remember as the roadHoG Bus Youth Project opened its doors for its annual BBQ at Fishtoft Pavilion.  It was good to see parents, young people, local Police teams, different bus team members and local church leaders get together to have barbecue and celebrate all that is good…
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Will young people ever get back on the bus – read our latest newsletter and find out…?

In this months newsletter, we have a short report on the recent Central Park Skate Jam, as well as some news about young people coming back on the bus. Please use this newsletter to fuel your prayer for our ministry with young people in South Lincolnshire.