Author: Hoggie

This month’s new letter – find out where the bus is supporting.

Find out in this month’s new letter how the roadHoG bus is doing despite last month’s focus on the challenges we currently face. Keeping an aging vehicle safe, mobile and up to spec with increasing demands to support our community can only be done with your support of prayers. So thank you for showing an…
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Fresh challenges – find out how you can support in our season of need….

Nearly 13 years have passed since the House of God started on the road and fresh challenges always face us. Find out in this month’s newsletter about our challenges, but also about our trust in God and our need for support at this time! Find out also how this project has been impacting on our…
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Easter Bus Time Table – 2022

All visits over the Easter School holidays will continue, with the exception of: Sutton St James – Good Friday 15th April at 6:30pm Sibsey – Easter Sunday 17th April at 2pm Boston – Woad Farm – Easter Monday 18th April at 7:30pm These will resume two weeks after these dates (please see bus timetable for…
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Things move up a gear in Lincoln?

Find out in this month’s newsletter how LYM are looking to get the roadHoG north project up and running again.  Find out also how the return to Sutton St James went. If you would like to receive a monthly newsletter delivered to your in box, click here.

Find out what it’s like to drive the big purple bus…..!

Find out in this month’s newsletter, what it is like to get the roadHoG Bus into place for local churches to encourage and build up young people in South Lincolnshire. Without our drivers we couldn’t provide a safe place for young people to meet friends in the streets. Also, find out latest developments and how…
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