Finding your step-family tough going

Finding your step-family tough going? We meet young people, who in their short lives, have been through so much more than we have ever experienced. But all of us have gone through challenges in our lives and our faith has been a big part of coming through on the other side. Please feel free to consider or ignore this additional thought:

“You’ll be surprised how many of the roadHoG team have grown up in step families and understand just how intense getting used to new people in your life can be. Additionally, you will have gone through lock-down too!! So it is quite normal to be struggling with things at home, new rules and tension in relationships. Belonging to a family is a basic need we all share, but what has helped bus team members is to know that whatever we have gone through, whatever words have been said and how we feel about ourselves, God longs for us to be a part of his family. Don’t take our word for it, a look at the following verse from the Bible….”

The roadHoG Team

“So in Christ Jesus you are all children of God through faith.”

Galatians 5:26