School Visits

The project supports our community in two ways. On the one hand it visits the community in the evening to create a safer place on the streets and on the other hand it visits schools during the day to lead RE and Citizenship lessons. Currently, we have opened the top deck for lessons with all the windows opened, cleaning the bus before after use and our schools worker wearing a face covering.

The lessons are fast moving, varied and schools have valued the benefits of a different learning environment on the upper deck of the bus. The upper deck class room is creative, curious and our visitors love it!

We employ an experienced part-time Schools worker whose remit is to work with pupils from year 6 to year 8 age (11-13 years old).

A fantastic space and environment for students to tackle difficult subjects away from the classroom”.

Head of Enrichment – Boston High School (2019)

“The roadHoG bus was an amazing chance for our students to learn in a different and unique way. They loved it. Thank you very much to all involved”.

Haven High Academy (2018)

“The Year 6 pupils gained so much from each of the roadHoG visits in terms of personal faith, identity and understanding. The visits provided a safe and welcoming environment in which the pupils felt at ease to explore and question issues relating to what it means to be human. The activities were fun and engaging and they were delivered in a wholly inclusive way. A fantastic opportunity!”

St. Nicholas Academy (2018)