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As the nation slowly unlocks from the COVID-19 pandemic – we need to remain alert! Having said this we also need to find ways to re-connect with young people on the streets of Boston town and the surrounding villages. We are pleased to announce that the roadHoG Bus Youth Project is slowly unlocking by starting up our community visits. We will be offering free hot chocolate, take away activity sheets for prizes (see below link), outside games and a listening ear – whilst continuing our ONLINE PRAYER ROOM .

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Here’s what young people said about roadHoG in 2019….

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our visitors think…

It’s really nice and fun and has tasty sweets!



I like it!



I like roadHoG because it is peaceful and calm and has a lot of tranquility



Because it stops me getting into trouble.



I feel more encouragement and joy


Because you learn about God